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Kristin’s Results

Kristin wanted to get clear beautiful skin before her wedding day so she turned to Honor MD.  She had tried numerous other skincare products, but continued to struggle with breakouts.  She did not repsond well to harsh perscription products either.  Her after photo was taken 29 days after her before picture. Kristin repsonded very well to The Honor System Anti-Acne with visibly brighter and clearer skin.

“Omg I freaking LOVE the Cleanse Anti-Acne!  I love all of the products, but I especially love the cleanser!  My skin looks really, really, good!”

Lauren's Results

Lauren was concerned with fine lines, sun spots and the texture and tone of her skin.  The after photo was taken 90 days after the before photo.  Lauren saw a visible reduction in pigmentation and fine lines.  The tone and texture of her skin also improved.

 “ I love using these products.  Especially Stimulate.  It really brightened my skin, and gave my skin a radiance it didn’t have before.”