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Honor MD is a culmination of inspirations with the shared commitment of helping to create flawless skin from the inside out.


We’re new parents, and our main inspiration behind the Honor MD line of products is our baby girl, Sage. She is our pride and joy. During pregnancy, we were both dismayed at the skincare options available. We knew that clean, natural ingredients (ones that actually worked) were out there, but every product Ursula tried just seemed to fall short. We decided to create a line of clean skincare products that was supported by science and inspired by nature and our roots. Our extensive backgrounds in skincare, plastic surgery, and beauty combined with the blessings of genetics provide the recipe for beauty that seems genetically blessed.



It is known that the appearance of our skin is partly due to our genetics. Like most people, our roots happen to come from a diversity of countries, like the Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua, Greece, France and Italy.


We love and celebrate this diversity and believe it is what makes us special. Wherever you are from, know that your roots matter, and that although genetics are a starting point, flawless skin is within reach for all of us.


Ursula Diaz knows firsthand that there’s more to beauty than meets the eye.

Growing up, Ursula fondly recalls her mother and grandmothers’ skincare routines and dedication to beauty rituals. They always seemed to look so effortlessly “put together” and rarely left the house without perfectly applied makeup and glowing skin. These women inspired her lifelong passion for skincare and beauty products and ignited a passion that would lead her to a storied career in makeup, skincare, and modeling. 

Beauty was Ursula’s calling. Although Ursula graduated from the University of San Francisco as a Communications major with an emphasis in Marketing, she also worked as a model and make-up artist. As a model, Ursula worked on countless national and global campaigns for well-known brands such as Levi’s, Dockers, Dodge, and Gap, to name a few. She was also trained as a make-up artist for MAC, where she enhanced her knowledge of how to achieve the appearance of flawless-looking skin.

Her passion eventually led her to complete a post-graduate program at UCLA where she earned a certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry. For more than a decade, Ursula has been a skin care consultant to some of the best-known faces and talents in Los Angeles.

Ursula was blessed by genetics with beautiful skin, but like many women, it became something that she had to work at. Starting in her 20’s, her once perfectly clear skin began to experience acne breakouts that she sought to address with a wide range of products and treatments, all of which either seemed ineffective or too harsh. As a model, it was important for her skin to look its best, so when it did not, it negatively affected her confidence and self esteem. Ursula’s skin remains one of the traits she is most complimented on, but like all of us, she must work to prevent the signs of aging that start to occur naturally with time.

Ursula understands firsthand how empowering having beautiful skin is. She has dedicated her professional career to helping people look and feel their best—starting with great skin.


Everything in Dr. John Diaz’s life has led him on a path to become an expert in skin and beauty.

Dr. John Diaz grew up in New York City, but spent his childhood summers in the Dominican Republic. It was here that he reconnected with his literal roots, spending hours watching his mother, grandmothers, and great aunts gather fruits, leaves and bark from the family’s vast tropical gardens. He was amazed by their knowledge of these plants and their curative properties which they had learned from their mothers and grandmothers decades earlier. Using recipes likely hundreds of years old, they created ointments and elixirs that they then used to cure ailments and rejuvenate skin.

Fascinated by the blend of agriculture and medicine, Dr. Diaz went on to study at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. It was here that he learned the proven science behind his family’s centuries-old plant-based remedies and the reason why genetics were not the only reason behind their ageless and glowing skin.

Dr. Diaz’s passion for medical science and its ability to improve one’s health and appearance led him into the field of plastic surgery. He eventually went on to build one of the most successful plastic surgery practices in Beverly Hills. As a surgeon and artist, he has helped to enhance and perfect some of Hollywood’s most beautiful people. Although he performs thousands of surgical procedures a year, Dr. Diaz understands that the first step in creating beautiful results is to create beautiful skin.

While the emphasis in skincare at the time he was building his practice was to synthesize increasingly more powerful laboratory ingredients, Dr. Diaz remained committed to the secrets he learned a very long time ago in the tropical gardens of the Dominican Republic. The best ingredients to protect, heal and improve the appearance of beautiful skin are provided by Mother Nature—if you know where to look.

With Honor MD, Dr. Diaz combines his intimate understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the skin with nature’s secrets to achieve beautiful skin from the inside out.