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Skincare Expert Spotlight: Elizabeth Carter of Honest Rituals

Skincare Expert Spotlight: Elizabeth Carter of Honest Rituals

Elizabeth [@honest.rituals on instagram], is a holistic esthetician that inspires and educates women seeking natural skin healing. Just like Honor MD, she is deeply rooted in ancient beauty remedies that really work, and believes we can find our best self through nature and self-care.

In this Q&A, Elizabeth explains how Genetically Blessed super antioxidant serum is part of her skincare ritual and how she implements this serum with her clients.


Q. Tell us about your approach to skincare.

A. My approach to skin care is simple. In short LESS is more. Your skin knows how to take care of itself — given the right environment.Oil cleaning transformed my skin and facial micro biome. I’ll oil cleanse am / pm and my skin has never felt so balanced. I follow my cleansing routine with a hydrosol, it’s like living flower water for the skin! Most days I’ll end my skincare ritual with Genetically Blessed. Since using this product my skin has never looked so glowy!

Facial massage is something I also incorporate daily. It is a beautiful ritual to make connection to your skin as it allows you to tune into your body and become aware of where you may be holding tension (stored emotions) in the facial muscles.

Q. What is your favorite Honor product? Why and how do you use it?

A. My absolute Favorite Honor MD product is the Genetically Blessed serum. It’s an absolute lifesaver. Whenever I get a break out or am dealing with pigmentation I use a little dab of Genetically Blessed and Viola! It’s like a magic wand.

Q. How do you coach/ educate your clients on how to use GB or incorporate it into their regimes?

A. My clients come to me for natural skin healing rituals, so I explain that Genetically Blessed is essentially a plant-based retinol alternative. It acts like retinol but without the harsh side effects that using retinol can give— no redness, sluffing, or irritation.

Genetically Blessed is amazing because pregnant mommies and breastfeeding mommies can use it on their skin during those times when their hormones are fluctuating, and their skin may be going through a season. My clients can rely on Genetically Blessed to support their skin during that time.*

Q. Do you have a favorite skincare ritual or wellness ritual that you feel inspires renewal?

Spring and full moons always inspire me to do a deep clean — I love going through my beauty cabinet and getting rid of anything that I’m no longer using and that’s just taking up space. Anything that takes up space that doesn’t serve you begins to clutter the mind. Clean space, clear mind!

Elizabeth’s skin is absolutely radiant and we love her clean skincare inspiration. We are honored that she loves Genetically Blessed as much as we do, and that it’s so effective for her she even recommends it to her clients. 

* Always consult your physician before using new products while pregnant or nursing.