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Hydrate & Soothe

Hydrate & Soothe

It is cold and dry in Los Angeles. My hair is a static ball, my hands are beyond dry and my skin would be tight and you guessed it, dry, if I didn’t take the right steps for healthy winter skin with Honor MD. 

I use our Wild Rose cleanser in the morning and evening to avoid over-drying my sensitive skin. Our skin’s natural barrier protects it from irritants and infection, so using gentle cleansers is important to keep it healthy and intact. Post cleansing I recommend using Tropical Mist pH balancing toner to not only balance the skin’s pH, but to add moisture and antioxidants to the surface. Once that absorbs apply H(ope)2O hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate, protect and plump your skin. 

I’m en route to New York as I write this and even though it feels cold and dry in LA at a chilly 68 degrees— the high in New York today is 28. While getting ready this morning I made sure to add a lotion after applying H(ope)2O. 

I'm so excited about our amazing lotion formula launching soon, but in the meantime, I like to use and recommend Cerave lotion. I personally use this because it is safe to use for sensitive, acne-prone skin. If you need more moisture or have mature skin I recommend Moisturize, by Dr. John Diaz. 


Cold Weather Skincare Regimen 

Step 1. Wild Rose cleanser 

Step 2. Tropical Mist pH balancing toner 

Step 3. H(ope)2O 

Step 4. Lotion

Step 5. Sunscreen 


Cold Weather Skin Tips 

Tip 1. Take shorter showers. Spending long periods of time in the shower will dry out your skin. Take warm showers instead of hot showers.

Tip 2. Use a cool mist humidifier at night.

Tip 3. Spray Tropical Mist onto the skin immediately after cleansing or showering.

Tip 4. Take a fish oil supplement. This helps moisturize your skin from the inside out. 


Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Honor Edit. If you found this helpful please forward it to a friend that you think could also benefit from these tips. Have a great day and look out for our next post, How Eating Clean and Weight Training Can Help Your Skin Glow.