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Get Younger Looking Skin (Yes, Really)

Get Younger Looking Skin

With 40 being the new 30, it’s high time we all stepped up our beauty routines. These 3 habits can set us all up for good skin fortune, well into the future.

1. Moisture is key to attaining both suppleness and radiance, so use a potent moisturizer like Hydrate and increase your water intake, particularly if you eat a lot of salty foods and love your coffee and cocktails. During cooler fall and winter months indoor heating systems can take its toll on the skin, so find ways to hydrate yourself as frequently as possible. Even something as simple as making your own spa water can make big improvements to your skin. Try adding fresh fruit, cucumber, mint or green tea for a natural antioxidant boost that’s tasty too. You can make water even more stylish by freezing whole berries or edible flowers in the ice cubes (a great trick for impromptu hostess-ing, btw).


2. When you begin to see the first signs of aging, it’s the right time to upgrade your skincare by leaps and bounds. Using medical-grade products, approved by a doctor, can move the skin to visible change better than mainstream topical products. Clinical products, such as the Honor MD collection, contain more active ingredients than what you’ll find in stores, which is why they are doctor exclusives. Try them and you’ll never look back.


3. You can stave off minor annoyances like fine lines for as long as possible by opting for in-office treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, injectables or laser resurfacing. This kind of next-level treatment is what’s going to preserve your youthfulness for as long as possible while also getting rid of concerns like acne scars and brown spots once and for all. You’ll find having a superb plastic surgeon on speed dial is what will open the door to everlasting beauty.