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Best moisturizing serum

Best Moisturizing Serum

Best moisturizing serum ingredient? The answer is within us—literally

How many moisturizers have you tried out before finding your holy grail product? We know it’s a challenge to find the perfect one that suits your skin’s needs when there are tons of products to choose from. The truth is we are all inherently different, and using the right product can make all the difference in making your skin look and feel genetically blessed.

Here at Honor MD, we believe in the power of Mother Nature’s gifts and ingredients, but sometimes we also need to look at our own biological make-up to understand what we need to replicate and infuse in our products to ensure that they are well-suited for all skin types.

The perfect ingredient

In order to create the perfect moisturizing serum with clean ingredients, we looked at the foundation of what keeps our skin constantly hydrated: hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance that helps maintain a remarkable amount of water for the skin to keep it naturally healthy, soft and plump. Would you believe that a single gram of this substance can hold up to 6 liters of water? If this doesn’t hold more than enough moisture for your skin, then we’re not sure what else will!

Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient of our Hope2O moisturizing serum. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so it’s only natural that we look at what keeps our skin the healthiest it can be and replicate this to create a formula that actually works to serve its purpose. Our product is designed to absorb more deeply into the skin as we fuse both the high and low molecular weight of this substance, creating an unmatched high-quality formulation for your hydration needs.

Clean skincare down to the core

Because we believe in non-toxic skincare and only natural, safe ingredients, we’ve incorporated plant-based bioactive peptides in our moisturizing serum that prevent harmful blue-light and UV radiation from damaging the skin and causing photoaging. With our expertise in beauty, health, nature, and science, you can expect effective clean skincare that’s clinically proven to give you the flawless and radiant complexion you deserve.

There’s also a personal and special reason why we named the product Hope2O. Both of my grandmothers have always enjoyed beautiful and radiant skin all their lives and it was all thanks to a simple skincare routine that they made sure never to overlook: moisturizing. Since both of them were coincidentally named Hope, it was only apt that we named this doctor-recommended moisturizing serum after these two inspiring women in my life.

Just as important as honoring your skin, we also believe in honoring your earth. It is our passion to create and provide you with medically clean and safe skincare that’s non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. The essence of the Hope2O moisturizing serum and our whole line of products can be found with what nature has already provided us—we only need to look at the right ingredients to create the most effective anti-aging skincare products to share with our community and the rest of the world.